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Know Your Advisor: It's Critical For Your Success

The advising partnership is designed to provide students with the opportunity to connect with a professional staff member who understands the major and career decision-making process and is knowledgeable about University policies, procedures, and resources. With the guidance of an advisor, students control their own academic path towards their career.

Advisor Responsibilities

Advisors provide quality academic advising and information resources to students within the programs. We assist students in successfully completing and finding fulfillment in their Bachelor of Business Administration degree. We educate and guide students with course selection and degree planning, University policies and procedures, business specializations, academic and leadership opportunities, and campus support services.

You can expect your advisor to...

  • Effectively communicate degree and graduation requirements
  • Collaborate with you in developing your academic, personal and career goals
  • Guide you to make decisions consistent with your goals, interests, and abilities
  • Listen carefully and respect your questions, concerns, and problems
  • Advocate for you and provide referrals to campus resources that meet your needs
  • Enforce University and School of Business policies to ensure the integrity of your degree
  • Sometimes say “no” to your requests or present alternatives

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for knowing the degree requirements, policies, and deadlines, and for meeting with their advisors. You bear responsibility for seeking adequate academic advising, knowing and meeting the degree requirements, enrolling in appropriate courses to ensure timely progress towards your degree and for making decisions consistent with your academic, personal, and career goals.

Your advisor will expect you to...

  • Be on time, prepared and respectful
  • Maintain records of your academic goals and progress
  • Read all correspondence from faculty and staff within the School of Business and the University and act accordingly
  • Be comfortable sharing accurate information regarding your degree, values, and goals
  • Seek assistance or guidance before a situation escalates into a crisis
  • Utilize campus resources to enhance your academic experiences and develop your personal and career goals
  • Ask questions and follow through on plan of actions

Contact Your Advisor

Already Declared?

Students who are a declared major or minor within the program should contact their advisor listed in SIS to arrange an advising appointment. Contact information can be found on Our Faculty and Staff Directory.

Ready to Declare?

Students who are certain of their plans to declare a major or minor within the program should contact Kay Voss, Student Success Advisor, to discuss starting coursework within the School of Business.

If you are unsure of who to speak with, contact the School of Business at 920-465-2051 or