Declaring a Major or Minor

Students can declare a Business Administration or Accounting related major or minor at any time with any number of credits through a simple, two-step online process:

  • Step #1: Read and accept the Honor Code (pre-declaration form).
  • Step #2: Immediately after completing the Honor Code, students will be directed to a link to complete the Declaration of Major/Minor/Certificate e-form. Enter Kay Voss as the first and last name for advisor contact information and enter for the email. Your advisor will be assigned to you after the e-form is received.

**If you are declaring a Business Administration major, be sure to include your area of emphasis: Business Analysis, Finance, General Business, Human Resource Management, Marketing, or Supply Chain Management.

Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 to proceed in the course progression for a Business Administration or Accounting major or minor. Specifically, students below the minimum 2.5 overall GPA will not be able to enroll in any classes beyond ACCTG 300 and ACCTG 305, BUS ADM 322, 343 and 389. All courses beyond these will have the prerequisites of: any appropriate prerequisite courses, Business Administration major or minor, Accounting major or minor AND a minimum overall GPA of 2.5

Transfer students who declare the Accounting major or minor or the Business Administration major and who have not earned a GPA for course work at UW-Green Bay must contact the Student Success Advisor, Kay Voss, at for the specific classes they wish to take beyond those listed above.