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Federal Compliance

As part of the institution’s accreditation process, we must demonstrate that the University complies with specific regulations outlined by the U.S. Department of Education.  Areas reviewed include:
  • Assignment of Credits, Program Length and Tuition
  • Institutional Records of Student Complaints
  • Publication of Transfer Policies
  • Practices for Verification of Student Identity
  • Title IV Program Responsibilities
  • Required Information for Students and the Public
  • Advertising and Recruitment Materials and Other Public Information
  • Review of Student Outcome Data
  • Publication of Student Outcome Data
  • Standing With State and Other Accrediting Agencies
  • Public Notification of Opportunity to Comment
  • Competency-Based Programs, Including Direct Assessment Programs, and Faculty-Student Engagement
 The full process is explained on the HLC Federal Compliance Program page. Below is UWGB's Federal Compliance Filing form, which was submitted on August 2, 2017, along with two of the required appendices: Appendix B Student Complaints and Appendix Y Notices of Opportunity to Comment.  (The other appendices contain existing documents; these two appendices represent additional reports filed with the HLC.)