Office of Admission

Midwest Student Exchange Program

MSEP map

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is a participant in the Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP). This means that students from participating states can attend UW-Green Bay for a cost that is significantly lower than out-of-state students from non-participating states. Since a UW-Green Bay education is recognized to be extremely affordable, MSEP students can often attend UW-Green Bay for a cost comparable to their home state public universities, and lower than most private colleges and universities.

MSEP: What is it?
A program through the Midwest Higher Education Compact that provides opportunities for students to attend universities out-of-state and receive a tuition discount. The University must be a part of MSEP for the student to receive the tuition discount. UW-Green Bay is a member of MSEP and offers tuition discounts to students residing in MSEP states.

Student Eligibility

  1. Reside in one of the MSEP states (see map)
  2. Apply and be Admitted
  3. Enroll and Attend

Is there paperwork or something else that needs to be turned in to UW-Green Bay?
No. You provide all of the information in the online application.

How much of a discount?

Costs and Estimated Expenses can be found on the Cost Website.

Look for “Midwest Compact” to compare Tuition and Fees for one year.

Why would UW-Green Bay do this?

Because we’re neighbors.