Welcome to the Family

For Families

We are so glad to welcome new students and their supporters into the Phoenix Family. You join the ranks of thousands of current students, faculty/staff, and alumni who are proud to members of the UW-Green Bay community.

If you are a parent, family member, or supporter of a current or future UW-Green Bay student, please join the Family of a Phoenix Facebook group. This group allows family of UW-Green Bay students to connect, ask questions, and start conversations.

If your student is admitted and ready to take the next steps, please take a look at our Admitted Student page for more information on what to do before enrolling. There is a step by step checklist, and answers to many common questions. This is a great place to start in planning with your student.

If you are a student who has dependents, you can learn more about child care options through our Child Resource Center Student Organization.

If you are a student who has previously been in foster care you can learn more about UW-Green Bay Resources for Students Formerly in Foster Care.

One of the most important steps in deciding on a college is visiting the campus. During a campus visit you have a chance to see the lecture halls, study spaces, housing, and dining—everything they need to know about being a student. We invite your family to consider planning a campus visit to UW-Green Bay.

Here is what you can expect during a visit to UW-Green Bay

What to Bring

Questions you might have about college, we will supply the rest—academic information, personal advising, AP/IB credit info, and a full view of UWGB. While you are in the city of Green Bay, you might consider planning some additional outings in the area. As you can see below, we have lots to offer!

Driving & Parking Directions

Dining Unique to Green Bay

Green Bay's Must-Sees

Looking for Lodging?

Among the many great places to stay in Green Bay, these three recommended hotels offer special rates for UW-Green Bay visitors:

It may be very challenging to find a hotel room in the Green Bay area around the weekend of a Green Bay Packers home game.
We would encourage you to make plans early if you would like to visit Green Bay during those times.