Office of Admission

How to Apply

Here are the steps you need to complete to submit an application to UW-Green Bay. Early application is strongly encouraged. Applications for admission may be submitted beginning September 1 for the following summer or fall (August 1 for spring semester).

  • Steps to Apply

    • 1. Complete the UW System online application.
    • 2. You can pay the application fee of $44 with a credit card when you complete the application online. Otherwise you can mail a personal check made out to UWGB for $44. (Please include the name of the applicant on the “memo” line of the check.) For our mailing address check out our request info page.
    • 3. Ask your high school to send an official copy of your high school transcript to the UW-Green Bay Office of Admissions. If your high school uses electronic transcripts, check with your school counselor for more information about the correct process for requesting them. For our mailing address check out our request info page.
    • 4. Have your official ACT or SAT scores sent to UW-Green Bay. To request ACT scores go to For SAT scores, go to
    • 5. Additional documents might be needed if you have had special circumstances. If you plan to include a letter of recommendation, we suggest your recommender use the UW System Recommendation form.
  • Timelines

    Fall Semester:

    • Apply for Admission
      (Starting September 1)
    • Apply for Housing
      (As soon as Admitted)
    • Submit your Housing Contract

    Spring Semester:

    • Complete the FAFSA application
      (Starting January 1)
    • Apply for other Financial Aid
      (Scholarship deadline February 15)
    • Take your Placement tests
      (March & April)
    • Attend our Registration program
  • Find this confusing?

    We're here to help. Visit the Contact Us page and let us answer your questions.