Office of Admission

Cost of Attendance

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is an excellent choice for international students who wish to experience life in the United States in a safe, friendly and caring environment. It can be expensive to study in the United States; however, the cost of attending UW-Green Bay is very reasonable when compared to many other colleges and universities in the United States. You will receive an outstanding education, experience a typical American mid-sized city, and meet other students from all over the world—all at a very reasonable cost.

Estimate of Expenses for UW-Green Bay

Expense Academic Year
Tuition and Fees $15,475
Housing $4,100
Food $3,100
Books and Supplies $800
Health and Accident Insurance $1,430
Personal Expenses $3,200
TOTAL $28,105

Additional information about the Estimate of Expenses for UW-Green Bay can also be found on the Statement of Expenses form (PDF).