Josie K. | Sophomore | Nursing Major | Green Bay, WI

For Freshman Students

UW-Green Bay is pleased to offer two options for freshman students to pursue nursing: the NURSE 1-2-1 program, and the new traditional option. Choose whatever path is best for YOU!

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For Transfer Students

Are you transferring to UW-Green Bay? Learn about our options, and reach out to an advisor to learn about the best options for you to complete your Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

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Community Connections

The community of Green Bay is a medical hub, with four major local hospitals, and the Medical College of Wisconsin-Green Bay. In this area, your clinic experiences and job opportunities are plentiful and diverse.

Become a Phoenix

UW-Green Bay has excellent teachers, internships, research opportunities, and a great record of placing students into jobs and graduate programs.
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Visiting campus is one of the best ways to learn more about life at UW-Green Bay! 
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