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Phlash Tours Plus

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Take a look at your major during your tour

Join us for a sneak peek of the campus with a special focus on your academic area. Enjoy the sites, from classrooms to housing to recreation. 

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Phlash Tours PLUS

What’s the “plus” you ask?  We know that it can be very helpful for students interested in specific areas of study, like sciences and arts, to see those unique spaces on campus. That’s why we’ve design special Phlash Tours for students interested in engineering, nursing, human biology/natural sciences, and the arts. In addition to the unique spaces listed below, these tours include campus housing, the recreation center and the University Union. Phlash Tours PLUS are 60-75 minutes.

Art & Music Phlash Tours >> July 18 & August 12
Calling art, music and theatre students! Join us for a look at the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts and our Studio Arts building to see where you would showcase your talents

Engineering Phlash Tours >> July 15 & August 1
Explore our newly opened STEM Center for a preview of the labs and learning spaces our engineering students enjoy.

Human Biology & Natural Sciences Phlash Tours >> July 15 & July 29 
For students interested in health sciences, biology, chemistry, environmental science and even more, this is your chance to see our Laboratory Sciences building up close.

Nursing Phlash Tours >> July 18 & August 12 
Check out our newly renovated nursing labs to see where our nursing students practice their skills and prepare for the healthcare field.

Business Phlash Tours >> August 1 & August 15 
For students interested in marketing, management, finance, human resource management and more, this is your chance to explore the business programs at UW-Green Bay, with a special tour of the new Willie D. Davis Finance & Investment Lab.

Psychology Phlash Tours >> July 29 & August 15 
If learning about the brain and human behavior is up your ally, stroll on over for a psychology program Phlash tour, featuring labs where students conduct hands-on original research.

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