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Jesse Brody

Jesse BrodyAdmissions Advisor
Cofrin Library CL206
(920) 465-2862

Greetings! My name is Jesse Brody and I am an Admissions Advisor in the Adult Degree program at UW-Green Bay. I have worked in admissions for over 4 years. I have received both my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and my Masters of Business Administration through the adult education format. As I looked into earning my degrees, I needed something that would cater to my busy life-style of being both a full-time worker and full-time parent.

I am passionate about adult education because I was an adult student. I understand the needs of the fulltime employee, the fulltime parent, or those adults who just want to fulfill a lifetime goal. I am committed to helping every student I come in contact with to ensure they are on the right path to reaching the goals that they have placed for themselves.

Outside of the workplace, I am involved heavily in the community that I live in. I am certified as a State of Wisconsin Firefighter and I am on my local fire department. I am a strong advocate for community giving and volunteerism. I also enjoy spending time with my family and making every day different and adventurous.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about me as I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story and sharing your success of being a future UW-Green Bay graduate.