If you would like the Chancellor to attend and/or speak during your event, please fill out the Chancellor Request Form 60 days prior to the event. If the event is contingent on the Chancellor attending, it is recommended to submit this request six months to one year in advance and provide alternate dates.

If your event is approved and the Chancellor is able to attend, the executive assistant to the Chancellor will send the event contact an Outlook meeting request.  The request is to indicate the event is approved and added to the Chancellor's calendar. If your event is not approved you will receive an email from the Chancellor’s executive assistant.

If the Chancellor is scheduled to attend your event, an event liaison from University Advancement, will be assigned to work with you during your event and discuss expectations and guidelines for event protocols.

Event Summary & Briefing Form

If the Chancellor is attending your event, please use the Event Summary and Briefing document to create a detailed one-page summary of your event, highlighting the most important information. Please forward this document to the Chancellor’s Office seven days prior to the event.

Other Materials

  • Guest Profile Sheets
    If the Chancellor is attending you will need to provide profile sheets for each VIP. Please call Advancement at (920) 465-2074 for assistance obtaining these. Profiles are to be sent to the office of the Chancellor seven days prior to event.
  • Chancellor Speaking Script
    Please work with Marketing and University Communication. Provide script to the office of the Chancellor at least two weeks prior to event.