Name Badges

Name tag protocol

  • Name badges should be provided to all guests who respond they will attend the event
  • Walk-up guests should be provided with a name badge when they arrive
  • Name tags/badges are correctly worn on the right side so the person shaking hands or greeting has easy eye contact with both the person and the name tag
  • Faculty and staff should always wear their UW-Green Bay name tag at events

UW-Green Bay standard name badge

The UW-Green Bay standard name badge should be the only name badge used at all University events for anyone that does not have an issued UW-Green Bay name tag.

Name Badge

Download Template

Student Name Badge

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Text Formatting

Name badges should be printed with the font Palatino Linotype. The first name should be largest, at 36 point size. Below that, in 22 point size, the last name. If the attendee is a student, also include the student's hometown and major or interest in 18 point text.

Text Font Point Size
First Name Palatino Linotype 36
Last Name Palatino Linotype 22
Hometown Palatino Linotype 18
Major/Interest Palatino Linotype 18


Name tag Specifications

  • For guests and faculty/staff that do not have a UW-Green Bay name tag
  • The name badges we use are the clip style name badges by Avery
  • Acceptable types of name badges
    • Magnetic
    • Clip-on
  • What to include on the name badge
    • First and last name, for all attendees
    • Graduation year following the last name if attendee is an alumnus (as shown below)
      Jane Doe ’01
      Jane Doe ’01 ’05M
    • Hometown and major/interest, if attendee is a student
    • Avoid salutations on name tags (e.g. Mr., Mrs., Dr., Prof.)