D2L is the software that UW-Green Bay uses to deliver online courses. It is like a website that can contain all of the course materials, activities, assessments, grades, and other components of a course. Students log into D2L with their UW-Green Bay usernames and passwords. Note, a student will not be able to log into D2L until 48 hours after registering for his or her first class at UW-Green Bay.

My Home

After logging into D2L, students are taken to their My Home page. This page lists recent announcements, provides links to campus resources, help videos, and a searchable knowledgebase of how-to's, as well as listing any open courses that students are registered for. Most online courses appear on the first day of the semester, and are removed two weeks after the final day of the semester.

My Home

Students see the "My Home" screen once logged into D2L. Click on the purple markers to learn more about each section.

Course Home

The "Course Home" screen is displayed once a student enters one of his or her courses. A student enters a course by clicking on the course name from the "My Home" screen displayed above.


The "Content" screen is generally where course materials for online courses are kept. This could include instructions to you from your instructor, reading assignments, videos, documents for you to download, links to other assignments, etc.


The "Discussions" area of a course is where students and instructors can communicate with one another by posting messages. In online courses, the discussion area can provide a convenient way for students and instructors to interact, present ideas, reflect, and receive peer feedback.

Written Assignment Submissions

For many online classes, written assignments will be submitted through the "Dropbox" tool. Dropbox folders allow you to upload and attach a document to a specific assignment. For classes that use the Dropbox, usually one Dropbox folder exists per written assignment.

Quizzes and Exams

Most online classes use the "Quizzes" tool for quizzes and tests. Online tests can contain many different question types, but essay questions, multiple choice, and true-false are most common.