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Online Learning Strategies for Student Success

Sometimes students new to online learning can initially struggle with how it differs from traditional in-person education. Some benefits of online learning, like less structure and greater flexibility, can also lead to trouble if a student does not practice self-discipline and organization. By taking time in the beginning of the semester to plan ahead and develop an organization plan and study schedule, students can take large steps to better ensuring their academic success.

Do's and Dont's for Success

  • DO set aside a specific time during the day for coursework--the best time that fits your schedule. Use this time for preparation and for participation (reading, studying, posting messages, completing assignments, reviewing materials, taking quizzes, etc.).
  • DO stay organized. Refer to your course syllabus and other communications from your instructor so that you can not only be ready to succeed in the current week, but in weeks and months to come. Consider storing your homework for each class in separate folders on your computer, even after the course ends. Backup storage is also a good idea. Students have free access to 1 terabyte of storage on OneDrive.
  • DO have a consistent, quiet workspace. This will limit potential interruptions, reduce frustrations, and allow you to engage more with your work.
  • DO check in and contribute to the class several times a week. By doing this, you will keep engaged, on track, and moving steadily towards your goal!
  • DO remember there are people at UWGB to help you to be successful in online learning.
  • DO NOT put off the work! You need to keep up so you can more effectively participate in group and class discussions.
  • DO NOT be afraid to ask questions! There are probably several others who are wondering the same thing.

Expectations for Online Students

  • Be involved and active in your courses.
  • Be highly motivated and disciplined.
  • Check the course homepage, calendar (if used), and assignments page(s).
  • Review the syllabus.
  • Check your UWGB EMAIL regularly.
  • Check the Canvas course discussion board(s) several times a week.
  • Post the required comments and responses to the discussion board for your course.
  • Keep up with your assignments and online quizzes/exams (as applicable) and manage your time well. These quizzes test your knowledge and comprehension of new content.
  • Participate actively in class discussions.
  • Practice Netiquette ( in discussions, emails, and elsewhere: Be polite and respectful. Use good grammar and correct spelling. Don't write in all caps (it feels like you're shouting), and sign your name.
  • Meet the course deadlines. Some courses are self-paced but most are not.
  • Be honest and original. Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any online course. View UWGB's Plagiarism Policy and any information provided in course syllabi.