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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common, and important, questions we get from students everyday regarding registration.

  1. When do I register?
    Visit the "When do I register?" page.
  2. How do I register?
    You can register from anywhere with SIS access. Visit the "How do I register?" page.
  3. What is a prerequisite and how does it impact my eligibility for enrollment?
    A prerequisite is any course that is required BEFORE the enrollment of another course. If you are trying to gain access to a course without the prerequisite based on your specific circumstance you will need to complete a course registration override waiver which can be found on our forms page:
  4. What happens if a course closes? Can I waitlist?
    Always have a back up course available for registration. Keep in mind you can waitlist course through SIS. Whether or not you get enrolled is based upon the size of the class and your position on the waitlist. For example, you have a better chance to come off the waitlist if you are position 3 with a waitlist position of 150 versus position 3 in a class of 30. Remember the waitlist is fully automated. All you need to do is add yourself and keep an eye on your “My Class Schedule” link in SIS.
  1. Can I take an online course?
    Click here to see if taking an online course is for you! There are some online classes for traditional students but most of the online courses are reserved for Adult Degree Program (ADP) and Nursing students until a designated date each term. These are listed as “reserved" under status and are 1800 or 1801 sections. There are also 1200 section courses. These are reserved for another population of students (INTERD STU, BA-IST or BAS-IST majors, which traditional students are not). Traditional students may not enroll or waitlist themselves for any 1200 section course.


    For the below class, a traditional student could enroll in section 0800. This student could also waitlist themself for the 1800 section.

    Catalog Class Title Class  Sctn  Type  Cr  Status GE  WE  Meet  Time Instructor
    ANTHRO - 320 Myth, Ritual, Symbol and Religion 3714 0800 LEC 3 Open       Internet Esche-Eiff,Karen M
    ANTHRO - 320 Myth, Ritual, Symbol and Religion 3393 1200 LEC 3 Reserved       Internet Esche-Eiff,Karen M
    ANTHRO - 320 Myth, Ritual, Symbol and Religion 3394 1800 LEC 3 Reserved       Internet Esche-Eiff,Karen M
  2. How are online classes different from in-person classes? 
    Click here to see if taking an online course is for you!
  3. What is the difference between “P” and “REC” in the prerequisite for a course?
    The P means prerequisite. The “REC” means the department recommends you take a particular course before registering.
  4. When is the drop/add deadline?
    They are preset for every particular semester, see the academic calendar.
  5. What does “DR” mean on my transcript?
    Simply means "drop." A DR is recorded if you drop a course after the first drop deadline in September or February. See the academic calendar for details.
  6. How is registration assigned?
    Based upon earned credit. The more credits you have, the earlier you register.


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