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Under the guidance of a graduate faculty advisor, each individual is required to complete a culminating project or thesis related to an educational, school or classroom-based line of inquiry. The following is a list of recently completed projects or theses:

Nathaniel Jackson
Implementing Academic Parent-Teacher Teams at Danz Elementary: Effects on Family Engagement and Student Learning

Nathan Riehl
The Implementation of Blended Learning in an Emergency Medical Services Curriculum

Francisco J. Arredondo
Closing the Gap: Overcoming Summer Reading Loss through a Summer Reading Program

Rebecca Conn
Implementing of English Language Development Strategies in a Biliteracy Classroom

Cassandra Byerly
Building Vocabulary through Structured Academic Conversations

Joanna Mertz
A Study on Implementing Growth Mindset and its impact on Student Achievement

Erika Nieto
Building Vocabulary through Structured Academic Conversations

Peggi Gnadt
Conflict Resolution in an Elementary Classroom

Julie Kohlmann
Reading Motivation: Taking a Look at Different Methods of Reading in the Home Environment

Sarah Maki
How Does the Co-teaching Model Benefit Students as Communicators?

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