Who should be an Art major/minor?

Who Should Be an Art Major?

Are you interested in looking at, thinking about, and creating visual images and objects? Do you like to find new ways to visually explore an idea? Are you creative? If you are, the Art major might be the right course of study for you. You must be an independent thinker, have the desire to learn, develop discipline and patience, and be willing to get your hands dirty.

Who Should Be an Art Minor?

Students in many fields find an Art minor to be an excellent supplement to their academic programs in the context of our visually oriented, media-driven culture. The Art minor may serve individuals fulfilling a personal interest in art; those seeking to add visual skills to career preparation in such interdisciplinary fields as Design Arts, Humanistic Studies, Urban and Regional Studies, and Environmental Policy and Planning; also people who intend it as a component of professional studies in fields such as Education, Business Administration and Marketing.