Students declare themselves art majors or minors with a signed form from the art adviser as soon as possible, preferably no later than sophomore year. Many of the lower-level art courses have a priority registration designation to reserve seats for the declared art major/minor.   Art students often have a second major in Design Arts or Arts Management because a number of classes count for both majors.  Art Majors may also choose to minor in Design Arts or Arts Management or both.

Studio Art Checklist and Graduation Plan

(plan needs to be approved by your advisor no later than fall of your senior year)
Studio Art
Graduation Plan

Art Education Checklists

Art Education
All Ages Certification

Pre-Art Therapy Checklist

Art Therapy

General Education Checklist
General Education

Transfer Advice

Students begin the transfer process by applying and sending their transcripts to UW-Green Bay for credit evaluation. After credit evaluation, students see their art adviser as soon as possible.

Visit UW-Green Bay's Admissions website for more information.