Art Program Mission

The Art Discipline at UW-Green Bay embraces the many possible forms and functions of art. We strive to create an environment that encourages students to take risks and experiment with subject matter, concept, process, and creative outcome. The Art program exemplifies the essential interdisciplinary focus of our campus by encouraging reciprocal influence of studio areas and learning experiences through a language of seeing, thinking, and making. At a time in history when our access to information, entertainment, and the broader world is constantly expanding, an art education provides problem-solving skills necessary for informed understanding and effective expression of our lives and the world around us. An art education enables students to critique classroom theories, to assimilate ideas from various disciplines, and to develop and defend their own informed intellectual position on issues as they become engaged members of an increasingly global community. We acknowledge art as an integrating and energizing force in our society. Pedagogically, this may mean engaging mature subjects, including studying and drawing nude figures. We believe that, as adults, our students recognize that such art does not prescribe, but instead invites reflection and understanding.

The Art Major chooses one area of emphasis: Studio Art, Art Education, or Pre-Art Therapy. The Art Minor can select either Studio or Art History. Many of your questions about our program will be answered as you navigate through our website. Updated four-year planners, course check-sheets, and other important documents can be downloaded at your convenience.