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Tuition and Additional Program Costs

Students in the MAT will enroll as full-time graduate students during the summer, fall and spring semesters for two consecutive years. Annual tuition cost plus segregated fees for a Wisconsin resident for summer, fall, and spring semesters is approximately: $14,408.00. 

Please see the Bursar's Office web page for more information on the cost of Graduate Education at UW-Green Bay:  UW-Green Bay Graduate Fees

Additional Program Costs

  1. UW-Green Bay Graduate Studies application fees: $56.00.
  2. MAT program fee: $600.00. This fee is divided and charged over the course of two years ($300.00 per year). More information concerning the MAT differential tuition rate is available on the Bursar’s Office web page ( The MAT program fee is used to pay for the following items:
    1. Healthcare provider background check
    2. UW-Green Bay MAT clothing (e.g.. polo and t-shirts)
    3. Medical kits
    4. Professional liability insurance
    5. BOC Certification practice exams
  3. Physical examination, immunizations, titers. Cost will vary based on insurance plan.
  4. Additional clothing (e.g.. pants, shorts, and jackets) Cost varies.
  5. Travel to off-site clinical experience sites. Cost will vary based on location of clinical site.
  6. MAT students are responsible for purchasing required textbooks. Cost will vary. MAT faculty attempt to keep this cost as minimal as possible to the student.
  7. NATA student membership: ~ $100.00 per year. NATA membership is strongly recommended, but not required.
  8. Registration, travel, housing, and meals for conference attendance
    1. Costs vary depending on conference and location
    2. Students may apply for travel grants through graduate studies ($250.00 per event, $500.00 annual maximum)