Required Software

Below are some of the software, plugins and requirements that you may need during your online course. Please note that not all courses require all of the applications below.

Downloading and installing these applications should be easy but if you have any questions or problems with supported software, please contact the Help Desk at(920) 465-2309 or

Adobe Reader *A free application used to read documents in PDF format.
Adobe Flash Player *A free plug-in used to view multimedia content such as animations.
Microsoft Office 2013 Starting in Fall 2014, Microsoft Office 2013 is available for free to students. OneDrive and Office Online are also available.
Java An "environment" required to run many in-browswer and other applications.
Firefox **A free browser used to view websites.
Internet Explorer **A free browser used to view websites.
Mediasite Check Mediasite is free to students. It is an application used to capture and show video content. This website will check that your computer is ready to view MediaSite content.
SilverLight A free plug-in used to view video content in some applications.

* When installing Adobe products, be sure to uncheck the option to install McAfee software.

** You will likely only need one web browser; in most cases, Firefox is suggested. Internet Explorer is not available on Mac computers.

When installing software be sure to read all instructions carefully to ensure you only install the desired software and abide by User Agreements