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About the Grant

Recognizing and Providing Services to Individuals with Dementia

In 2016, BHTP was awarded a crisis training grant by the Department of Health Services for “Recognizing and Providing Services to Individuals with Dementia”.  The primary goals of the grant are to:

  • Improve biopsychosocial understanding of aging and dementia
  • Improve understanding of effective approaches to working with people with dementia, their families and caregivers
  • Build knowledge and collaboration between service providers for people with dementia
  • Help build dementia-friendly communities
  • Improve outcomes for individuals with dementia experiencing crisis

To accomplish these goals, BHTP has partnered with Suzanna Waters-Castillo, PhD, MSSW, a leader in professional development in geriatric mental health from UW Madison, to create an expanded in-depth curriculum.  This curriculum is intended for crisis workers, APS workers, Family Care MCO’s, providers, law enforcement, and others regularly encountering individuals with dementia experiencing crisis.  A train-the-trainers approach allows for continued training beyond the length of grant. 

BHTP recognizes that every community is at a different place with regard to being dementia-friendly.  As part of this grant, Barbara Larson-Herber is leading an effort to help build or strengthen dementia-friendly communities.  She is partnering with the Alzheimer’s Association to identify interested communities and do outreach.  As part of this initiative, overview training to service providers and first responders using the “Approaching Alzheimer’s” curriculum will be provided. 

In addition to training opportunities, a regional dementia-focused learning collaborative has been developed.  The purpose of the collaborative is to share information about evidence-based practices related to dementia and build collaboration between the many organizations and agencies that provide service to individuals with dementia.
For more information about the Northeast Regional Dementia Learning Collaborative or if you are interested in starting a collaborative in your region, contact BHTP at