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Resources for Caregivers

Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs) are an excellent place to obtain information and assistance on any aspects related to aging.  ADRCs are located within each Wisconsin county.  Information provided is tailored to your needs.  To learn more about how ADRCs can help you, click the link below. To find an ADRC in your area, click here: If you have concerns or questions about abuse or neglect of an adult, Adult Protective Services (APS) is there to help.  For more information about APS, click this link:  The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has a wealth of information related to long term care The Alzheimer’s Association is a national association with local chapters that provide support and information about Alzheimer’s and dementia.  On their website you will find information about what dementia is, the stages of Alzheimer’s, research, living and caring for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s, and how to find support. The Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute has a number of resources available for caregivers: Delivering high-quality care to people with dementia means understanding the values that are important to them.  These resources help guide care practices: Statewide Resource Directory of a variety of services for seniors: