Invasive Plants of Wisconsin

Rosa multiflora Thunb. ex Murray
multiflora rose
Family: Rosaceae
plant branch leaves stem with thorns
flower sepal fruit  

Multiflora rose is an invasive exotic once widely planted for soil erosion control and a variety of other purposes. It is now an aggressive species in grasslands, open woods and edges. It is found throughout southern Wisconsin and nearly throughout the U.S.A. The tall arching stems with stout, sharp thorns spread vigorously and form impenetrable thickets. It's seeds are spread by birds and it also spreads vegetatively once it occupies a site.

Control is difficult in large populations due to the dense tangles of stems with sharp thorns. Repeated cutting may be effective and treating the stumps with an appropriate herbicide is helpful, but a consistent program over several years is necessary to gain control.


known Wisconsin distribution


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