Invasive Plants of Wisconsin

Torilis japonica (Houtt.) DC
Japanese hedge-parsley
Family: Apiaceae
population plant leaf inflorescence flower bracts at base of umbels

Torilis japonica is a member of the familiar family of plants known as the Apiaceae, that includes carrots, parsley, etc. Leaves are compound and alternate and the flowers are small with white petals. The flowers are numerous and are arranged in flat-topped "umbels".

Torilis japonica is now a major invasive species in Wisconsin, and it has shown that it is capable of spreading rapidly and it has formed large populations at numerous locations. It is important to recognize new invasive species early in the process. Removal that can be accomplished in a few hours in the first year or two, may take thousands of hours if left untreated. The map at right is considerably behind in recognizing the spread and extent of Torilis japonica. Expect it nearly anywhere in Wisconsin.


known Wisconsin distribution


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