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Ducks fly over rough water on the Bay of Green Bay.

University of Wisconsin Green Bay
2420 Nicolet Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311
920.465.5032 (Office Manager)
920.465.2143 (FAX)

Faculty and Staff

Student Technicians

Erin Giese
Robert Howe
Kimberlee McKeefry
Vicki Medland
Dan Meinhardt
Bobbie Webster

Arboretum/Natural Areas Field Crew  

  • Bahling, Jennifer
  • Brodhagen, Patrick
  • Bulat, Fedor
  • Kessler, Jessica
  • Malcore, Rebecca
  • Salm, Olivia
  • Stuart, Claire

Richter Museum Assistants 

  • Bontrager, Beth
  • Deyo, Stevanna
  • Mittlestadt, Amanda
  • Sittala, Beth
  • woulf, Jacob

Herbarium Assistant

  • Fehling, Laura

CCB Videographer/Graphic Designer                   

  • vacant

Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands Monitoring Project  

  • Hohman, Tara
  • Lafkas, Demetrius

Piping Plover Project

  • Lafkas, Demetrius

Aquatic Invasive Species Crew

  • Bulat, Fedor
  • Jeewan, Oday
  • Kessler, Jessica
  • Malcore, Rebecca
  • Stuart, Claire

Ridges Sanctuary-Toft Point Invasive Plants 

  • Kessler, Jessica

Area of Concern Project

  • Weber, Emily

Point au Sable

  • Byrne, Brandon
  • Hohman, Tara
  • Lafkas, Demetrius
  • Nei, Noah
  • Weber, Emily

Wabikon Field Crew

  • Byrne, Brandon
  • Magee, Lukas
  • Nei, Noah
  • Schubbe, Jonathon
  • Woulf, Jacob


CCB Faculty Advisory Committee

  • Karen Stahlheber, Assistant Professor, Natural & Applied Sciences (Chair)
  • Mike Draney, Professor, Chair of Natural & Applied Sciences
  • Matt Dornbush, Asst. Vice Chancellor, Dir. of Graduate Studies, Professor, Natural & Applied Sciences
  • Kevin Fermanich, Professor, Natural & Applied Sciences
  • Daniel Moore, University Videographer/Photographer
  • David Helpap , Assistant Professor, Public ad Environmental Affairs
  • Paul Pinkston, Director of Facilities Planning and Management (Ex Officio)

CCB Affiliates

Thhe Affiliate Program recognizes the unique partnering between the Center and other scientists and managers that are engaged in activities that embody the mission of the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity. Learn more about the program and the affiliate partners.

  • Matt Dornbush (Professor of Biology, Natural & Applied Science, UW-Green Bay)
  • Mike Draney ( Professor of Biology, Natural & Applied Science, UW-Green Bay)
  • Gary Fewless ( Emeritus Botanist, Natural & Applied Science, UW-Green Bay)
  • Kevin Fermanich (Professor of Geosciences, Natural & Applied Science, UW-Green Bay)
  • Patrick Forsythe (Assistant Professor of Biology, Natural & Applied Science, UW-Green Bay)
  • John Luczaj (Professor of Geosciences, Natural & Applied Science, UW-Green Bay)
  • Wil Niedzwiedz (Emeritus Professor, Public & Environmental Affairs, UW-Green Bay)
  • John Stoll (Professor, Public & Environmental Affairs, UW-Green Bay)
  • Lora Warner (Associate Professor, Director of the Center for Public Affairs, UW-Green Bay)
  • Amy Wolf (Professor of Biology, Natural & Applied Science, UW-Green Bay)

Staff Bios

Kathryn Corio.

Kathryn Corio, Interim Herbarium Curator

Mary Ann Cofrin Hall, Herbarium

Kathryn Corio manages the Gary Fewless Herbarium and provides expertise in plant identification for several Center research projects. She is one of the coordinators of the Wabikon Forest Dynamic Plot.

Gary Fewless.

Gary Fewless, Emeritus Botanist,

Mary Ann Cofrin Hall, Herbarium

Gary Fewless is a botanist with broad interests in the native flora of the western Great Lakes, and over 30 years experience with wetlands, rare species and invasive plants.  He conducts research involving local native plants and provides content to Cofrin Center for Biodiversity web pages including extensive web sites for Wisconsin Trees, Ferns and other plants and an on-going phenology website extending back to 2000.  He also provides photographs for biodiversity teaching, websites and other educational venues.

In his free time he enjoys photography, hiking, kayaking and camping.

Erin Gnass.

Erin Giese, Data Manager

Mary Ann Cofrin Hall 124A 920.465.2545

Erin Giese is the Senior Research Specialist and manages and archives the Center's data collections, including helping students and staff. She coordinates and conducts field work for the Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Monitoring Program, Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II, and Christmas Bird Count. Through steering committees and other leadership teams, she is also involved with the Northeastern Wisconsin Audubon Society, Lower Green Bay and Fox River Area of Concern, Northern Forest Birds Network, Upper Mississippi and Great Lakes Region Joint Venture, Wisconsin Society for Ornithology, Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative, Nicolet National Forest Bird Survey, and other efforts. With Center staff and colleagues, she writes grants, reports, and manuscripts on topics pertaining to birds and other wildlife. She is the founding staff advisor for the campus student organization, Green Bay Audubon Student Conservation Chapter, for which she provides guidance and leadership to students interested in birds.

She and her husband enjoy traveling the world to experience other cultures, wildlife, birds, landscapes, and people and have been fortunate enough to step foot onto all seven continents. Erin values family and friends above all else and truly enjoys sharing birds and wildlife with others less familiar with nature.

Bob Howe

Robert Howe, Director

Mary Ann Cofrin Hall 212B 920.465.2272

Bob Howe is the founding Director of the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity and Barbara Hauxhurst Cofrin Professor of Natural Science at UW-Green Bay. He has been a faculty member in UWGB's Department of Natural and Applied Sciences since 1984, where he has taught courses ranging from introductory environmental science to advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in biology and ecology. In addition to administrative responsibilities with the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity, he maintains an active research program involving bird population dynamics, northern forest ecosystems, and the ecology and conservation of Great Lakes coastal wetlands. Bob is author or co-author of more than 50 scientific publications, including The Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Wisconsin and papers in international journals like Ecology, Evolution, Biological Conservation, and Journal of Wildlife Management.    

A proud father of three boys, Bob enjoys biking, nature-watching, and traveling to parks and natural areas around the world with his family. He and his wife, Dr. Amy Wolf, lead international travel courses to Panama and (upcoming in 2013) Australia. Bob also is a youth soccer coach and an avid Green Bay Packer fan.

Kim Mckeefry.

Kimberlee McKeefry, Office Manager

Mary Ann Cofrin Hall 212 920.465.5032

KKim provides administrative and logistic support for the Biodiversity Center. Her work includes managing student employment and payroll and assisting with administration of research grants and other projects associated with the mission of the Biodiversity Center. Kim oversees office operations including maintenance and operation of general office equipment, organizing and maintaining an inventory of field equipment, and implementing and administering the check-out system of the equipment. She is the front line for interactions with students and visitors including communicating land management policies for users of University owned natural areas, preparing schedules and activities for conferences and participating in the development of budget documents. Kimberlee also coordinates the hunting programs for Point au Sable, Toft Point State Natural Area and Peninsula Sanctuary.

Vicki Medland.

Vicki Medland, Associate Director

Mary Ann Cofrin Hall 218E 920.465.2342

Dr. Medland works cooperatively with the Director to ensure that the center is achieving its mission of education and research. She works closely with staff and partners involved in various outreach projects including the web and social networking sites, K-12 and citizen science programs. Vicki leads the Panama research course with her husband Mike Draney in alternate years and teaches courses in environmental science. She is active with the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation and the Ridges Sanctuary where she serves on the board of directors. She is also the coordinator for the NAS Heirloom Plant sale.

Like so many kids, her dream of becoming a marine biologist was stymied by a midwestern life-style. Fortunately, guided by a dedicated professor at UW Madison, she eventually became an evolutionary biologist who focused on studying the life history and behavior of organisms living complex life-cycles in temporary pools. At home she dabbles in gardening, cuisine, writing, and scientific illustration.

Dan Meinhardt.

Dan Meinhardt, Curator of Richter Museum

Mary Ann Cofrin Hall 212 920.465.2398

Dan Meinhardt is Curator of the Richter Museum of Natural History and Associate Professor of Human Biology, Biology, and Women’s and Gender Studies. He is responsible for overseeing the care, maintenance, loans, and visitors to the collections. Dr. Meinhardt’s research interests include the development and evolution of the vertebrate skeleton, the causes and implications of variation in sex and gender, the philosophy of science, and the relationship between art and science. He teaches courses in comparative vertebrate anatomy and evolutionary biology, as well as seminars in biology and the relationship between art and science. Dr. Meinhardt is an accomplished illustrator, photographer, and artist, and regularly collaborates with UW-Green Bay Art faculty and area artists.

Bobbie Webster.

Bobbie Webster, Natural Areas Ecologist

Mary Ann Cofrin Hall 218A

Bobbie assists with the management of natural areas totaling over 1,200 acres, including the Cofrin Memorial Arboretum, Point au Sable Nature Reserve, Toft Point Natural Area, Peninsula Sanctuary, Kingfisher Farm, and Lenfestey Courtyard. Working under the general supervision of the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity Director and in collaboration with the Department of Facilities Management's Supervisor of Grounds, she coordinates invasive species control, trail maintenance, ecological restoration, biological monitoring, signage, and other activities consistent with management plans.  She also works with students, faculty, and volunteers on research projects and/or field trips conducted on the UW-Green Bay natural areas. She supervises the efforts of volunteer groups that support the management goals of UW-Green Bay natural areas.

Bobbie has considerable experience working in land management with previous positions with The Door County Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy, and WI DNR. She received both her M.S. in Natural Resources and her B.S. in Public Administration and Policy Analysis, Political Science, and Resource Management from the University of Wisconsin--Stevens Point.