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We need you! Help us unite the community in a shared vision of nutrition and sustainability by reclaiming green spaces and bringing healthy food to our community. Buy or donate a a garden box! Volunteer on May 2-4, 2014 to install 100 raised bed gardens around Green Bay. Bring your energy and your shovels, and help us move some dirt!

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The Green Bay Garden Blitz is a grassroots gardening initiative dedicated to empowering local families to grow food and build a healthy, sustainable local food system. We see opportunities to improve our nation’s food system by reconnecting with the source of our food. With our partners and volunteers, we want to build a support system for urban agriculture through the installation of 100 raised bed gardens in Green Bay homes, schools, churches, community spaces, and businesses. This initial Garden Blitz will be accompanied by a Mentorship program, matching first-time growers with veteran gardeners for support during their initial growing season. This mentoring builds community and helps make gardening a more productive and rewarding experience.

How to buy a plot

Your garden is a 4 foot by 8 foot box made of untreated lumber. The garden will be installed in the location you specify and filled with soil.

Volunteers will install the garden box at your home between May 2-4. We cannot predict the time precisely when your garden will be installed because this is a volunteer-driven event. When you register for your garden box, you will be prompted to specify any particular requests for its delivery. Volunteers will call you as they are heading to the site to install your garden and again when they return to fill it with soil.

On the Garden Box Registration form you can request a Garden Mentor. Mentors visit you five times over the course of the season, including once before the garden is installed to help you pick a good site. For more information, see our Garden Mentorship page.

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How to Volunteer

There are 3 different ways to volunteer! You can help construct gardens the day of the blitz, mentor new gardeners as they grow their plants, or you can join our coordinating team.

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Mentoring Program

Are you brand new to gardening, or have very little experience? If you are purchasing a garden for the Blitz this year and feel you need some guidance to get started, you can apply to become a mentee. Mentees must commit to meeting with their mentor 5 times over the course of a season. In return, you’ll get personalized help from an experienced gardener who can teach you tips and tricks it might take years to learn otherwise. Your first visit will be before the Blitz so your mentor can help you site your new garden for optimum sunlight.

Who taught you how to garden? Who did you call when you first started growing your own food and you didn’t know what to do? Now you have an opportunity to pay it forward by becoming a Garden Mentor!
Mentees are chosen from among this year’s Blitz participants with priority given to those who have no prior gardening experience. Every Garden Mentor is assigned one mentee to meet with five times over the course of the season. You will receive a manual filled with helpful handouts, tips, and a schedule

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