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Trees of Wisconsin

Key to Gymnosperms of Northeastern Wisconsin

The following key with accompanying photos is intended to assist the reader in identifying a particular specimen of a Wisconsin Gymnosperm. The key includes all native Wisconsin gymnosperms, both trees and shrubs,  plus the most common planted horticultural species. Each page offers two alternatives. Select the choice which best suits the specimen, click on the numeral to the right and you will be presented with another page with another set of choices. This process continues until you reach an answer. This is not intended to be a "picture matching" key. Photos used within the key are examples to illustrate the terms and may not be a perfect match for your specimen.


1a. Fascicled leaves (groups of two or more leaves attached as a unit to the twig) Fascicled Leaves 2.
1b. Individually attached leaves Individual Leaves 7.

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