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Students set up transects to count plants.
Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

Current Research Projects

Student Research

  • Lindsey Bender: Effects of understory herbaceous community composition on soil microbial respiration, soil nutrient cycling, and microbial community composition
  • Ashley Fehrenbach: Diversity of the herbaceous layer with respect to light availability and topography at Wabikon Lake Forest Dynamics Plot in northern Wisconsin
  • Kari L. Hagenow: Proposal Title: Examining the Potential for Density-dependent Seedling Mortality within a Temperate Forest Plot in Northern Wisconsin
  • Jesse Weinzinger: Mammal Survey of the Wabikon Forest Dynamics Plot


  • Howe, Robert and Amy Wolf: Spatio-temporal analysis of local bird distributions and activity using a grid of digital audio recorders.
  • Wolf, Amy, Robert Howe, and Gary Fewless.  Analysis of seed dispersal and masting patterns of temperate forest tree species.
  • Wolf, Amy, Robert W. Howe, G. Parker, and S. McMahon. Forest structure and bird distributions in upland northern hardwood forests of northern Wisconsin. 

Visiting Scientists

  • Callis, Kristine and Douglas Levey (University of Florida). Silica accumulation as a response to herbivory in tropical and temperate forest plants.   
  • Johnson, Daniel and Keith Clay (University of Indiana).  Assessing geographic patterns of negative density dependence in temperate tree species.