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Who should be a Biology major/minor?

Who should be a Biology major?

Anyone who is interested in discovering how organisms function and exploring how life exists in the world should consider the Biology program.

Those who have a general interest in working with the principles of math, chemistry, physics, and of course Biology should consider majoring (or having a minor) in Biology.

Biology majors must combine their studies with an interdisciplinary minor.

Students interested in areas such as resource management, field ecology, or science communication normally take a minor in Environmental Science. Human Biology is the minor commonly chosen by Biology majors with interests in health sciences or adult fitness. Other interdisciplinary areas that may be useful, depending upon a student's career goals, include Environmental Policy and Planning or Business Administration.

Who should be a Biology minor?

Students who prefer a Biology minor (rather than a major) coupled with an interdisciplinary major will find the majors in Environmental Science and Human Biology especially attractive. Students in Education who desire to become science teachers have found the Biology minor important.