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Student Athlete Guide

Medical Certification Form

Incoming Freshmen: Download a copy of the Athletic Medical Certification Form you will need for your physical exam.


Members of athletic teams are representatives of their institutions and the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference and must govern their conduct and actions to be a credit to their institutions and conference.

Eligibility Rules

  1. A player must be a student at the institution that he/she represents.
  2. A player must be enrolled in courses that total at least 9 credits per semester. At least six credits must be carried at that campus, and a minimum of 9 must be within the UW System. Any player dropping below 9 credits during the semester is immediately ineligible.
  3. A player must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 1.75 after the first semester of attendance to be eligible for competition. Thereafter, a player must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00. Any student dropping below the required GPA will become ineligible one week prior to the first day of class the following semester.
    • Please note ALL classes – including non-degree credit courses – are counted when calculating GPA for athletic eligibility. The Athletic Board strong encourages you to make education your highest priority throughout your academic career at UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus.
    • You are, of course, expected to regularly participate in competitions and practices, but you are neither expected nor encouraged to sacrifice your school work in order to do so. Please consult with your coach if you experience serious conflicts between your academic and athletic demands.
    • Remember that to succeed, college students can expect to study two hours a week for every credit they are taking; thus a student taking 12 credits can expect 24 hours of homework a week.
    • Please note that a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better is required to avoid academic probation.
  4. New freshmen, transfer students, and previously ineligible students who have raised their cumulative GPA to acceptable levels become eligible for competition two weeks prior to the first day of class in the upcoming semester.
  5. Players may participate two seasons in volleyball, and two first semesters and two second semesters in basketball. If a player participates in at least a fraction of any regularly scheduled contest in a given season or semester, it is counted as one season/semester of participation. A student may be granted additional competition by the Eligibility Committee; see the handbook of the WCC for details.
  6. Transfer students from another WCC college must use their cumulative GPA from their previous school for eligibility requirements. Students transferring from schools outside the conference will be considered eligible. Transfer students are not eligible if they participated in a regularly scheduled athletic contest in the same sport during the same academic year at their previous schools.
  7. All players must maintain amateur athletic status as defined in the handbook of the WCC and may not play the same sport on a amateur team that is not connected to his/her UW Colleges campus (see Handbook of the WCC for details).
  8. It is possible for established part-time students taking at least six credits to participate in sports. In order to participate, the student must have completed one academic year as a part-time student at the same UW College campus prior to participation and have passed at least 12 credits with a cumulative GPA of 1.75 or better. Part-time students who fail to maintain a 1.75 GPA or withdraw to less than six credits are ineligible. Full-time students who withdraw to part-time status are not eligible until they establish themselves as part-time students for one year.