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Austin E. Cofrin School of Business

Strategic Goals

Academic Programs: To deliver transformative and thriving business programs responsive to state-of-the-art knowledge and the needs of learners and the community.

Students: To provide students with experiential learning that challenges them to think critically and to be effective, ethical leaders and engaged global citizens.

Scholarship: To generate and disseminate scholarship that informs business discipline-specific knowledge, applied business practice, and reflective teaching and learning.

Work Environment: To create an inclusive and collaborative work environment that supports faculty and staff in their teaching, scholarly, and service activities.

Professional and Institutional Service: To serve our professional communities, UW-Green Bay, and the School of Business, through committee involvement and leadership, presentations, consultation, event attendance, membership, and more.

Community Relationships and Service: To develop strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with alumni and leaders in the greater Northeast Wisconsin community.

Resources: To secure and effectively manage a financial, human, and informational resource base sufficient to sustainably achieve its vision, mission, and values.