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Austin E. Cofrin School of Business

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As business operations in this country and throughout the world become more complex, the need for salaried managers is expected to increase rapidly because of the growing dependence of business organizations and government agencies on professional managers. Government regulations, senate hearings, new technology, and the development of diversified and multi-national corporations make professional preparation for careers in management highly desirable.

A professional manager is a salaried expert, trained by education and experience to manage any type of organization - be it a government agency, business, restaurant, hospital, hotel/motel, social, educational or service organization. General managers and top executives hold over three million jobs in the U.S.

Remember that Management is not a major entirely by itself. It is an area of emphasis within the Business Administration major. Make sure you read what’s on this page, as well as the information on Business Administration to learn more about the program!

  • BE YOUR OWN BOSS. Remember that you (and only you!) are responsible for your education. So ask yourself- "What role am I taking in my education?" Ask for what you need, and demand what you need. No one else will help you if you don’t help yourself.

  • PROFESSORS ARE PEOPLE TOO. And they are eager to get to know you! Honest! Making an effort to get to know your instructor is SUCH A GOOD IDEA!

  • THINK MASTERS DEGREE. If you choose the Management emphasis, and are looking to have a career beyond the entry level, then you might consider a Masters Degree. But don’t despair! There are many opportunities for you right out of college, but there are so many more (with better pay) with a Masters degree.