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Austin E. Cofrin School of Business

What’s unique about the Management emphasis at UW-Green Bay?

IMPRESSIVE. The quality of Management professors is of highest importance to the department, and comes before everything else! This means that students within this major are given the best quality of service and education that can be offered.

MOST IMPRESSIVE. The faculty interacts closely with students, both inside and outside of the classroom. Upper-level classes frequently number fewer than 35 students, facilitating discussion and allowing close work with faculty.

APPLICATION. A distinctive feature of the program is that the majority of upper-level courses include a practical project component, offering the opportunity to apply the problem-solving theories and concepts learned in the classroom to real situations (practicums and internships). Alumni say these experiences increase their value to employers and set them apart from traditional business program graduates.

INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE. Extensive opportunities are available to meet business professionals and gain practical experience. An active Management student organization supports these efforts and helps students to meet others with like interests. Faculty members encourage participation in the internship program, through which students learn while working in real business settings.