In business, finance professionals address questions like: What's the best way for our firm to invest? Should our firm borrow more money—or should we sell shares of common stock? On a personal level, finance addresses questions like: How should I invest my savings? How risky is the stock market compared to the bond market? Our finance classes prepare you to grapple with such questions.

The emphasis emphasizes an in-depth understanding of knowledge in finance, supported by corresponding statistical and accounting skills, which are critical in the competitive business environment nowadays.

The opportunities that can come with a finance degree span many areas such as banking, risk management and insurance, financial planning and analysis, investment analysis and management. The finance emphasis provides a strong foundation for students with career goals related to banking, corporate finance, financial services, real estate, or investments. The emphasis also provides excellent background for students who want to continue their graduate study in law, accounting or an MBA program.

We offer a wide array of courses, which are taught by experienced and award-winning faculty. Depending on career goals, students can choose their electives in a manner that would emphasize selected fields, including the following: banking, financial management, financial markets, real estate, or investments.