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Entrepreneurship Certificate


A four-course Entrepreneurship Certificate is available to students enrolled in any academic program. 
Entrepreneurship skills are highly sought and marketable. Entrepreneurially-minded graduates keep organizations viable through innovation. Entrepreneurship courses develop students' skills in program solving, resourcefulness, independence and critical thinking. 

In the introductory course (BUS ADM 371), students learn how to capture new markets and create new businesses that operate virtually with digital marketing, online peer networks, social media, e-business models and online leadership. Students learn to manage virtual teams, digital knowledge management and online communication. Students completing the certificate leave with an intensive scalable business start-up and pitch experience (BUS ADM 485) to start a real business. 

Importance of Entrepreneurship

  • Provides advanced skills for personal business start-ups
  • Helps run existing family businesses more effectively
  • Improves marketability
  • Teaches creative thinking
  • Elevates employability in business start-ups
  • Increases skills at recognizing opportunities and acting on them

Basic Structure

  • Four-course Entrepreneurship Certificate open to all UW-Green Bay students
  • Can be combined with any major
  • Will not delay a student's graduation (count towards the 120 credits required for graduation)
  • Final component is a practical resume-building, business start-up and pitch experience

Required Courses

Code Title Credits
BUS ADM 371 e-Entrepreneurship and Digital Management 3
BUS ADM 373 Entrepreneurial Finance 3
BUS ADM 481 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 3
BUS ADM 485 New Venture Acceleration 3
Total Credits   12