What is the General Education Program?

The General Education Program is designed to improve your skills in critical thinking and problem solving, oral and written communication, and the ability to analyze issues from multiple perspectives. It also provides a broad foundation in the social and natural sciences, humanities and the fine arts.

Do I have to complete the General Education Program in order to graduate?


Why do I have to take classes that don't apply to my major?

See the answer to the first question. The UW-Green Bay faculty have created a general education program that they believe will help you become a well-educated person, with the ability to communicate, to analyze issues and problems, and to appreciate learning in many academic areas. This kind of background should help you regardless of your major.

I have to wait to take courses in my major until I complete my general education requirements?

No. General education courses help prepare you to be an educated person, and contribute to your ability to succeed in your chosen field of study, so we recommend that you take courses early in your academic career. Most students complete the majority of their general education courses in their freshman and sophomore years, while also taking courses in the fields of study in which they are interested.

How do I know what classes are in the General Education Program?

You can see courses that are currently approved for general education through the paper or on-line versions of the UW-Green Bay Undergraduate Catalog. You can also look for general education designations of courses in the timetable.

How do I know if I've met all the requirements?

Students may review their progress in completing the general education requirements, as well as their requirements for majors and minors, by accessing their student accounts on-line.

I'm a transfer student. How do I find out if courses I've taken at other institutions would satisfy general education requirements?

If you are transferring classes from another institution, it is a good idea to check with the Academic Advising Office to see if these classes meet general education requirements. A good place to start is with the on-line guide for transfer students.

Can I complete coursework at another institution to meet general education requirements here?

Maybe. Students who plan to attend another UW-system campus can check for equivalency using the Transfer Information System. Students enrolling at a non-UW institution should receive prior approval of the transfer from the Registrar’s Office.

I think I have a special experience that may meet the learning outcomes for the general education program. How do I go about petitioning to have that general education requirement waived?

Occasionally, students have acquired the learning outcomes associated with a particular general education requirement through previous learning or life experiences. For example, students who have lived in another country for an extended period of time may have met the goals of the Global Culture general education requirement. Contact the Academic Advising Office or the Associate Dean to discuss your situation and begin the petition process.

Can I test out of a general education requirement?

Probably, if you pass a Challenge Exam designed to assess whether or not you have achieved the learning outcomes for a particular course which is part of the general education program. Contact the Office of Assessment and Testing Services for more information.