All students must complete the general education requirements. Depending upon the courses chosen, as well as the need to reach competency in mathematics and writing, students may take between 39 and 48 credits if math or writing courses are needed in addition to the course list below. Courses taken to fulfill general education requirements may also be used simultaneously to fulfill requirements in the major, minor or certificate programs.

*Contact the Academic Advising Office for information or assistance on all matters pertaining to general education requirements, including advising.
Requirement Credits
First Year Seminar 3
Fine Arts 3
Social Sciences (must be two different prefixes) 6
Humanities (must be two different prefixes) 6
Biological Sciences 3
Natural Sciences 3-5
Sustainability Perspective 3-4
Ethnic Studies Perspective 3
Global Culture 3
Quantitative Literacy 3
Capstone 1-3
Total Credits 37-42

Graduation Requirements

Students who enter the institution meeting the general education requirements are not exempt from completing the Capstone course requirement. This course is required to be completed at the end of your academic major program.

Capstone Experience (1-3 credits)

This could be either a classroom seminar experience or another integrative/culminating experience such as an internship/field experience/honors project that again addresses the campus’ interdisciplinary perspective and also has a problem focus. By its very nature, the experience will also have an important communication element. They will all address:
  • Communication
  • Interdisciplinarity

Mathematical and English Competency Requirement: 0-9 credits

All students must demonstrate competency in mathematics and written English. The University uses the Wisconsin Mathematics Placement Test (WMPT) and the English portion of the ACT or the verbal portion of the SAT to assess these competencies. Students may need to take additional courses to satisfy this general education requirement.

Writing Emphasis Requirement: 4 courses

All students must complete four Writing Emphasis courses. At least two of these courses must be at the upper level. Courses taken to fulfill the Writing Emphasis may also be used, simultaneously, to fulfill any other requirements.

UW System Ethnic Studies Requirement: 3 credits

Ethnic Studies is a UW System requirement for all students. This course is acceptable for use in the UWGB General Education Ethnic Studies Requirement.