Remember the fun? Remember the learning? Remember the laughter and the glimpses to your friends as together you created the coolest music or most amazing art?  Would you be willing to share this experience with other students?  Pay it forward!  Your $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 contribution would be helping students with limited financial resources to experience what you know to be an amazing experience.  Because it is our goal to use every dollar wisely, we will be looking for ways to double, triple or even quadruple your gift by means of matching funds as we find grants that support the arts.  Please consider giving today!

Do you remember how proud you were to see your child’s artwork hung in the Lawton Gallery, or to see and hear your child perform on the Weidner Center stage…what an amazing experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. Please consider paying the experience forward today!

100% of your donation of any amount will be used to nurture the future of the arts. You already know the value! While the correlation between music and academic skills are well documented, research also shows that the arts can develop creative, verbal, interpretive, analytic, and team skills and also engage struggling students. The arts can help develop the creative thinking skills needed today for our workforce in the emerging economy. For future audiences, for future workforce, for future creativity and innovation, help us nurture the arts by giving to the UWGB Summer Camps Scholarship Fund.