Certificate Program

The Entrepreneurship Certificate program (12 credits) helps students acquire the entrepreneurial mindset that will enable them to launch new ventures or manage growing companies.  Students learn from a select team of faculty members and business leaders distinguished by their ability to teach, model, and inspire the entrepreneurial process.

The Certificate program nurtures critical skills for success—such as the entrepreneurial planning process, and the acquisition and deployment of financial and human resources.  It also provides opportunities to network with established business leaders and engage in experiential learning.  The program allows students to pursue groundbreaking ideas, perhaps by launching a company, working in a start-up venture, or spearheading new initiatives within an existing organization.

Requirements for the Certificate

12 credits minimum

Required, (12 credits)

BUS ADM 391: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 3 credits

BUS ADM 392: Qualitative Methods in Entrepreneurship, 3 credits

BUS ADM 393: Quantitative Method Entrepreneurship, 3 credits

BUS ADM 394: Becoming an Entrepreneur, 3 credits