Global Studies: Requirements for the Minor

Interdisciplinary Minor

Supporting Courses, (9 credits):


ENV SCI 102: Introduction to Environmental Sciences (3 credits)

GEOG 102: World Regions and Concepts: A Geographic Analysis (3 credits)

One (1) of These:

ANTHRO 100: Varieties of World Culture (3 credits)

DJS 251: Sustainable Development (3 credits)

HUM STUD 103: World Civilizations I (3 credits)

HUM STUD 104: World Civilizations II (3 credits)

POL SCI 100: Global Politics and Society (3 credits)

PU EN AF 102: Environment and Society (3 credits)

UR RE ST 201: City Life and Globalization (3 credits)

Upper-Level Courses, (15 credits):

Students must select five courses (15 credits total) from the thematic categories below. At least three courses must be from different categories.

Global Democracy: institutions and citizenship

DJS 351: Political, Economy of Development (3 credits)

POL SCI 351: Comparative Politics (3 credits)

POL SCI 360: International Relations (3 credits)

SPANISH 358: Latin America Today (3 credits)

Global Environmental Sustainability: natural resources, biodiversity and climate change

ECON 412: Economics of Sustainability (3 credits)

ENV SCI 303: Conservation of Natural Resources (3 credits)

ENV SCI 425: Global Climate Change (3 credits)

POL SCI 380: Global Environmental Politics and Policy (3 credits)

Global Human Security: basic human needs and services

ANTHRO 306: Food, Subsistence and Globalization (3 credits)

ANTHRO 340: Medical Anthropology (3 credits)

HUM DEV 342: Cross Cultural Human Development (3 credits)

UR RE ST 320: Cities in Cinema (3 credits)

Global Peoples: nationality, ethnicity, race and religion

GEOG 370: Geography of South America (3 credits)

HISTORY 337: The Rise of Islamic Civilization to 1800 (3 credits)

HISTORY 356: History of Modern Africa (3 credits)

HUM STUD 360: Globalization and Cultural Conflict (3 credits)

POL SCI 353: Politics of Developing Areas (3 credits)