History: Requirements for the Minor

Disciplinary Minor

Supporting Courses, (6 credits):

Choose Three (3) Credits:

HISTORY 205: History of the United States from 1600 to 1865 (3 credits)

HISTORY 206: History of the United States from 1865 to the Present (3 credits)

Choose remaining 3 credits from the required courses or one of these:

HUM STUD 101: Foundations of Western Culture I (3 credits)

HUM STUD 102: Foundations of Western Culture II (3 credits)

HISTORY 103: World Civilizations I (3 credits)

HISTORY 104: World Civilizations II (3 credits)

Upper-Level Courses, (12 credits):

Choose Twelve (12) Credits:

Choose a minimum of 12 credits from the upper-level courses listed under the major. Students are required to take one course from Category I and one course from Category II. The remaining 6 credits may be selected from Category I, II, or III and may also include HISTORY 450 War and Civilization and HISTORY 470 Studies In Comparative History.