Human Development: Requirements for the Major

Interdisciplinary Major

Supporting Courses, (7 credits):

Basic Foundational Knowledge and Skills, required:

HUM DEV 210: Introduction to Human Development (3 credits)

Research Skills, (One (1) of These):

BUS ADM 216 is for Business major and minors only. COMM SCI 205 is strongly recommended.

BUS ADM 216: Business Statistics (4 credits)

COMM SCI 205: Social Science Statistics (4 credits)

MATH 260: Introductory Statistics (4 credits)

Upper-Level Courses, (34 credits):

Multidisciplinary Coursework: Psychology, (One (1) of These):

PSYCH 417: Psychology of Cognitive Processes (3 credits)

PSYCH 429: Theories of Personality (3 credits)

PSYCH 438: Counseling Across the Lifespan (3 credits)

Multidisciplinary Coursework: Sociology/Anthropology, (One (1) of These):

ANTHRO 304: Family, Kin, and Community (3 credits)

ANTHRO 320: Myth, Ritual, Symbol and Religion (3 credits)

ANTHRO 340: Medical Anthropology (3 credits)

SOCIOL 302: Class, Status and Power (3 credits)

SOCIOL 303: Race and Ethnic Relations (3 credits)

SOCIOL 308: Sociology of the Family (3 credits)

SOCIOL 315: Street Gangs in America (3 credits)

Multidisciplinary Coursework: Biological, (One (1) of These):

HUM BIOL 205: Biotechnology and Human Values (3 credits)

HUM BIOL 206: Fertility, Reproduction, and Family Planning (3 credits)

HUM BIOL 217: Human Disease and Society (3 credits)

HUM BIOL 324: The Biology of Women (3 credits)

HUM DEV 350: Developmental Psychobiology (3 credits)

NUT SCI 242: Food and Nutritional Health (3 credits)

NUT SCI 250: World Food and Population Issues (3 credits)

NUT SCI 300: Human Nutrition (3 credits)

NUT SCI 302: Ethnic Influences on Nutrition (3 credits)

Core Phases of Development, required:

HUM DEV 331: Infancy and Early Childhood (3 credits)

HUM DEV 332: Middle Childhood and Adolescence (3 credits)

HUM DEV 343: Adulthood and Aging (3 credits)

Advanced Coursework: Advanced Research Skills, required:

HUM DEV 302: Developmental Research Methods (4 credits)

Advanced Coursework: Family and Relationships, (One (1) of These):

HUM DEV 345: Human Sexuality (3 credits)

HUM DEV 353: Family Development (3 credits)

HUM DEV 370: Personal Relationships (3 credits)

Advanced Coursework: Gender and Cultural Diversity, (One (1) of These):

HUM DEV 336: Gender Development Across the Lifespan (3 credits)

HUM DEV 342: Cross Cultural Human Development (3 credits)

HUM DEV 345: Human Sexuality (3 credits)

HUM DEV 346: Culture, Development and Health (3 credits)

Advanced Coursework: Advanced Specialization in Lifespan Development, (One (1) of These):

HUM DEV 344: Dying, Death, and Loss (3 credits)

HUM DEV 350: Developmental Psychobiology (3 credits)

HUM DEV 424: The Development of Creative and Critical Thinking (3 credits)

HUM DEV 443: Spirituality and Development (3 credits)

HUM DEV 497: Internship (1-12 credits)

Additional Advanced Coursework, 3 credits:

In addition to completing one course from each category of Advanced Coursework, an additional 3 credits must be taken from the Family and Relationships, the Gender and Cultural Diversity, or the Advanced Specialization in Lifespan Development lists to obtain the necessary total of 16 credits.

One of these is encouraged, but does not count toward major requirements:

HONORS-478: Honors in the Major. Contact the department chair for additional information. (3 credits)

HUM DEV 495: Teaching Assistantship (1-6 credits)

HUM DEV 496: Research Assistantship (1-6 credits)

HUM DEV 498: Independent Study (1-4 credits)