Humanistic Studies: Requirements for the Minor

Area of Emphasis: Cultures and Values

Supporting Courses, (9 credits):


ENG COMP 105: Expository Writing (3 credits)

One (1) of These:

HUM STUD 101: Foundations of Western Culture I (3 credits)

HUM STUD 103: World Civilizations I (3 credits)

HUM STUD 201: Introduction to the Humanities I (3 credits)

One (1) of These:

HUM STUD 102: Foundations of Western Culture II (3 credits)

HUM STUD 104: World Civilizations II (3 credits)

HUM STUD 202: Introduction to the Humanities II (3 credits)

Upper-Level Courses, (12 credits):

Category I, (One (1) of These):

HUM STUD 334: Perspectives on Human Values: The Classical World (3 credits)

HUM STUD 335: Perspectives on Human Values: The Medieval World (3 credits)

HUM STUD 336: Perspectives on Human Values: The Renaissance (3 credits)

Category II, (One (1) of These):

HUM STUD 337: Perspectives on Human Values: The Age of Reason (3 credits)

HUM STUD 382: Perspective on Human Values: Romanticism to Modernism (3 credits)

HUM STUD 383: Perspectives on Human Values: The Contemporary World (3 credits)

Category III, (One (1) of These):

ENGLISH 336: American Ethnic Literature (3 credits)

ENGLISH 338: World Literatures (3 credits)

ENGLISH 344: African American Literature (3 credits)

HISTORY 337: The Rise of Islamic Civilization to 1800 (3 credits)

HISTORY 340: Topics in African American History (3 credits)

HUM STUD 326: Non-Western Religions (3 credits)

HUM STUD 360: Globalization and Cultural Conflict (3 credits)

HUM STUD 384: Perspectives on Human Values in Other Cultures (3 credits)

HUM STUD 385: Perspectives on Human Values: First Nations (3 credits)

Elective, (3 credits):

Select any HUM STUD 3XX or 4XX or FNS 3XX or 4XX course. Students may not count HUM STUD 497 Internship to satisfy this requirement.

Area of Emphasis: Linguistics/Teaching English as a Second Language

Supporting Courses, (9 credits):


HUM STUD 160: Introduction to Language (3 credits)

And one year of a non-English language (6 college-level credits) or equivalent proficiency

Upper-Level Courses, (15 credits):

Required, (12 credits):

EDUC 315: Teaching English as a Second Language (3 credits)

HUM STUD 319: Second Language Acquisition (3 credits)

HUM STUD 320: Second Language Assessment (3 credits)

HUM STUD 321: Language and Society (3 credits)

Requirement for licensure candidates: Cross-Cultural elective, (3 credits):

(Another appropriate course or study abroad/internship experience may be substituted by adviser.)

FNS 301: Oneida Language I (3 credits)

FRENCH 497: Internship (1-12 credits)

GERMAN 497: Internship (1-12 credits)

HUM DEV 342: Cross Cultural Human Development (3 credits)

HUM STUD 497: Internship (1-12 credits)

HUM STUD 499: Travel Course (1-6 credits)

SPANISH 497: Internship (1-12 credits)

Requirement for non-licensure candidates:

Note: HUM STUD 497 should be in Teaching English as a Second Language for 3 credits.

HUM STUD 497: Internship (1-12 credits)