History: Requirements for the Major

Disciplinary Major

Supporting Courses, (15 credits):

American History, (6 credits):

HISTORY 205: History of the United States from 1600 to 1865 (3 credits)

HISTORY 206: History of the United States from 1865 to the Present (3 credits)

Western and World History, 9 credits (any three of the following courses):

HISTORY/HUM STUD 101: Foundations of Western Culture I (3 credits)

HISTORY/HUM STUD 102: Foundations of Western Culture II (3 credits)

HISTORY/HUM STUD 103: World Civilizations I (3 credits)

HISTORY/HUM STUD 104: World Civilizations II (3 credits)

Upper-Level Courses, (24 credits):

Students are required to take the History seminar, one course from Category I, one course from Category II, and one course from Category III. The remaining 12 credits may be selected from any 300- or 400-level History course, DJS 333, DJS 361, or FNS 374.

Required, (3 credits):

HISTORY 480: Seminar in History (3 credits)

Category I, American History: 3 credits minimum

One of these:

DJS 361: Historical Perspectives on American Democracy (3 credits)

FNS 374: Wisconsin First Nations Ethnohistory (3 credits)

HISTORY 302: Problems in American Thought (3 credits)

HISTORY 309: United States Immigration History (3 credits)

HISTORY 310: American Colonial History (3 credits)

HISTORY 311: History of Wisconsin (3 credits)

HISTORY 312: The Early American Republic (3 credits)

HISTORY 322: Economic and Business History of the U.S. (3 credits)

HISTORY 340: Topics in African American History (3 credits)

HISTORY 370: History of Sexuality in the U.S. (3 credits)

HISTORY 380: U.S. Women's History (3 credits)

HISTORY 402: America in the Twentieth Century (3 credits)

Category II, European History: 3 credits minimum

One of these:

HISTORY 301: The Middle Ages (3 credits)

HISTORY 330: Early Modern Europe (3 credits)

HISTORY 332: Europe in the 19th Century (3 credits)

HISTORY 333: Europe in the 20th Century (3 credits)

HISTORY 360: Ancient Greece (3 credits)

HISTORY 361: Ancient Rome (3 credits)

HISTORY 420: Topics in Ancient History (3 credits)

HISTORY 421: Topics in Medieval History (3 credits)

HISTORY 422: Topics in Early Modern European History (3 credits)

HISTORY 423: Topics in Modern European History (3 credits)

Category III, Non-Western History: 3 credits minimum

One of these:

DJS 333: Area Studies in Democracy and Justice (3 credits)

HISTORY 337: The Rise of Islamic Civilization to 1800 (3 credits)

HISTORY 354: History of Modern East Asia (3 credits)

HISTORY 356: History of Modern Africa (3 credits)

HISTORY 358: Political History of Modern Latin America (3 credits)

Requirements for the History Major for Students Seeking Teaching Certification:

Students majoring in History and pursuing DPI certification within the Education program should check with the History adviser about any special History department requirements for prospective teachers.