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The Center for theAdvancement of Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

Session Materials

Keynote: Awakening the Digital Imagination

Presenter: Gardner Campbell

Digital Assignments: Student Applications of Technology for Research, Collaboration, and Sharing

Presenters: David Voelker, Chuck Rybak,Jessica VanSlooten, Jennifer Buchholz
David Voelker's Wisconsin Wilderness Project (Web)
Chuck Rybak's UWGB Scholars Storify (Web)

Presenters: Dan Schrickel, Leif Nelson, Marlys Brunsting, Mike Schmitt, Mitchell Scott

Increasing Engagement in Online Courses

Presenters: John Vorwald, Jennifer Drewry

Wikis, Blogs, and E-Portfolios: Digital Approaches to Public Writing

Presenters: Julie Gard, Carolyn Caffrey Gardner, Jamie White-Farnham

Faculty Development in a Digital Age

Presenter: Gardner Campbell

mHealth and Undergraduate Nursing Education: Preparing Tomorrow's Nurses to Adapt and Succeed

Presenters: R. Todd Vandenbark, Norah Airth-Kindree
Handouts (PDF)

Adult Online Learning: Theory and Practice

Presenters: Steve VandenAvond, Pat Hicks

The Promise and Challenges of Hybrid Teaching

Presenters: Theresa Adsit, Gaurav Bansal, Angela Bauer, William Lepley, Jill White

Use of Blended Instruction in Teaching Engineering Economy: A Case Study

Presenter: Leonard Pederson
Slides (PDF)