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This site contains information for the whole lifecycle of a course. Here you will find information for conceiving, planning, implementing, revising, and evaluating your course. We grouped the information based upon when we thought it would be useful: There are many different types of items on these pages: interactive lessons, checklists, worksheets, and how-to guides. Hopefully there is something that will help you work through issues you face. If not, please contact the Center directly at or stop in the north wing of IS 1010.

Designing a Course

This page provides information on how to develop a course. The information on this page should be useful across modalities (face-to-face, online, hybrid, or distance). For more in-depth information, the Center has self-paced courses on developing online and distance education courses. If you are interested in deepening your skills on designing face-to-face courses, the Center has many events and programs throughout the year that you may wish to attend, including a new series on adding active learning methods to your class.

Evaluating a Course

This section will help instructors gather their thoughts about the class just after the semester and implement ways to make it better the next time around.