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Student Nominated Teaching Award

Since Spring 2010, the Instructional Development Council (IDC) has recognized excellent teaching from the perspective of students. 

The Instructional Development Council presents the Student Nominated Teaching Award. This award recognizes and rewards excellent teaching from the perspective of students. Students are encouraged to nominate an instructor who has made a significant impact on their learning.
You can nominate an instructor electronically here: SNTA Spring 2020 Nomination
Nominations will be accepted until May 10, 2020.  
If you have any questions, please contact Mary Kate Ontaneda ( or Jeremy Intemann (


Past Awardees

2019: With a new format, 16 instructors were recognized in 2019
2018: With a new format, 53 instructors were recognized in 2018
2017: Megan Olson Hunt - Early Career; Katia Levintova - Experienced Teacher
2016: Adrianne Fletcher - Early Career; Julie Wondergem - Experienced Teacher
2015: Sara Schmitz - Early Career; John Katers - Experienced Teacher
2014 (Fall): David Helpap - Early Career; Phillip Clampitt - Experienced Teacher
2014 (Spring): Sawa Senzaki - Early Career; Karen Dalke - Experienced Teacher
2013: Chuck Rybak - Early Career; Linda Steiner - Experienced Teacher
2012: Katia Levintova - Early Career; Steven Meyer - Early Career
2011: Amanda Nelson - Early Career; Andrew Kersten - Experienced Teacher
2010: Amy Wolf - Early Career; Lucy Arendt - Experienced Teacher