UWGB Teaching Scholars

The Green Bay Teaching Scholars Program, directed by Dr. Kris Vespia, celebrates and promotes teaching excellence and self-reflection through a year-long professional development opportunity. We welcome applications from the newest and the most senior faculty at UWGB. Because we are all continuously developing as educators it is also an experience that faculty members may participate in more than once and gain something entirely new. In fact, we are revising Teaching Scholars to incorporate a changing annual theme (e.g., Students and Communication, Transitions) to inspire readings, discussion, and potential projects that year. Please refer to the Full Call for Applications to learn about this year’s selected theme. The program does align with the goals of the larger UW System Teaching Scholars initiative to provide faculty members with the opportunity to enhance teaching and learning through research, collaboration and reflection. In fact, many UWGB Scholars have gone on to participate in the System-wide program. The main activity of the Teaching Scholars Program is the development of a teaching and learning project. Simply put, Scholars identify a strategy that may, for example, successfully address a common teaching challenge or enhance student learning in a course. With support from colleagues and the director, Scholars use the first semester to select/refine a project topic and identify a method for implementing it (e.g., choose a specific teaching strategy to use and method to assess impact). They implement their projects in a class in the second semester. Scholars evaluate how well the strategy worked and present their findings during a campus-wide presentation.

Teaching Scholars meet about once a month to discuss readings about teaching and their on-going projects. Meetings are informal, with lots of free-flowing conversation. Past participants have found the program to be an enjoyable experience, and they have described it as a supportive environment filled with great conversation and wonderful guests.

Up to five faculty members and instructors are selected through an application process. They receive a $500.00 supplies and equipment (S&E) award. Preference will be given to applicants who plan to design their SoTL project in the Fall for implementation in the Spring of the following semester, as is described above.

2019-20 Call for Applications

Theme: "Transitions"

To apply for this professional development opportunity, please submit the following as one PDF to CATL (catl@uwgb.edu). 

  • A 2-3 page letter of interest detailing your: a) teaching philosophy, b) teaching accomplishments, c) interest in the year’s chosen theme (very broadly defined), and d) a rough description of a teaching or learning challenge or problem you propose to address with a SoTL project. Please include a sentence or two indicating your commitment to attend at least 4 of the 5 scheduled meetings, along with your availability on the currently selected days/times. 
  • A brief CV (approximately 2-3 pages, with an emphasis on teaching and any SoTL experience).
  • A simple one-sentence statement of agreement from your unit chair indicating they are aware of and support your application to the program. 

If you have any questions about the program or your proposed SoTL project, please contact Kris Vespia (vespiak@uwgb.edu). 

UPDATED Deadline: May 1, 2019 

Here are two examples of awarded proposals:


Program Requirements

  • Scholars will attend at least four of the five scheduled meetings listed on the full Call for Applications.
  • Scholars will read and discuss materials (e.g., chapters, articles) selected to fit with the year’s chosen theme and the selected scholars’ particular interests within it. 
  • Scholars will develop and implement a scholarship of teaching and learning project with guidance from the director.
  • Scholars will participate in a formative peer-review of their teaching.
  • Scholars will share the results of their SoTL project with the campus community.

Previous Scholars

2018-19: Todd Dresser, Jana Fogaca, Amulya Gurtu Nathan Kraftcheck, Dianne Murphy Stephanie Rhee
2016-17: Ioana Coman, Joan Groessl, Michael Rector, Heidi Sherman
2014-15: Tohoro Akakpo, Sherri Hanrahan, J P Leary, Eric Morgan, Sawa Senzaki, Jon Shelton, Aaron Weinschenk, Joanne Dolan
2013-14: Jenell Holstead, Katia Levintova, Chris Martin, Deirdre Radosevich, Alison Staudinger, David Helpap, Gail Trimberger, Elizabeth Wheat
2012-13: Dallas Blaney, Sarah Himmelheber, Yunsun Huh, J. Vincent Lowery, Vicki Medland, Gabriel Saxton-Ruiz
2011-12: Gaurav Bansal, Franlin Chen, Adolfo Garcia, Amanda Nelson, Alma Rodriguez Estrada, David Voelker, Jennifer Lanter