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Pre-observation meeting


There are two intertwined goals for the pre-observation meeting: to establish a collegial rapport between the observer and the instructor and to ensure both people have a clear idea of what to expect during the classroom observation.

Questions to consider together

(Download questions as a .pdf form)
  • What is the content and structure of the class you will be teaching?
  • Describe the students in this class. Is there anything the observer should know about them?
  • What have students been asked to do in preparation for this class?
  • What is the goal of the lesson? What should students learn or be able to do as a result of instruction?
  • How will the instructor achieve these goals?
  • What teaching methods/teaching aids will the instructor use?
  • What did the instructor teach in previous lessons? How does this lesson fit into the course as a whole?
  • Will this class be a typical example of instruction? If not, how will it differ?
  • What should the reviewer focus on during the observation? 
  • Is there anything else the reviewer should be aware of prior to the observation?
  • Where is the class; when should the reviewer arrive; where should the reviewer sit?